Zero to Data Hero Course Bundle

This course bundle has everything you need to level up your skills for the 21st century workplace. We'll take you from a complete beginner who has never coded before to an expert in the domain.

  • Learn how to code in Python, even if you are a complete beginner, we've got you covered.

  • Learn to automate tasks with Python such as sending emails, web scraping, PDF and Spreadsheet editing, and much more!

  • Discover how to create amazing data visualizations with libraries such as Seaborn and Matplotlib.

  • Use the latest machine learning algorithms with Python and Scikit-Learn.

Learn Python like a Pro

Total beginner in Python? No problem! We'll teach you everything you need to know to get started using the Jupyter Notebook Environment.

Automate with Python

Learn to use your Python skills to automate repetitive tasks, like checking email, web scraping, working with spreadsheets, and more!

Visualize with Python

Learn to use the latest libraries in Python to visualize and interact with your data sets.

Predict with Python

Learn to use machine learning algorithms with the Scikit-Learn library to predict outcomes from data.

You're in good company

We've taught employees at some of the world's top organizations.

Our students love us!

Join our community of over 2.3 million students and discover why our course content is consistently rated the most popular way of learning Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning online!

Simply the Best!

Baris Bektas

One of the best courses to start learning Python. I really enjoyed it and it was totally sufficient for me to learn the fundamentals about Python and programming with the help of Jupyter Notebook.

Amazing Content!

Muthu Vellayan

Very clear explanations. Very Knowledgeable Instructor. Covers the basics and methodically builds on it. Warns you of common mistakes students make (and surprisingly I made several of them)! Lot of material, unlike some other lectures, this is true content, not irrelevant talk. Overall Excellent course! It is better than a university master's degree course!

Well Structured

John Flionis

A very well structured course, that gives a nice head start to the Python learning journey. The milestone projects are really helping with comprehension and practical application of the acquired knowledge. Thumbs up, totally deserved my time and money.

Excellent Course!

Hans Palacios

Jose is a phenomenal teacher! The speed and format of the content delivery was exactly what I needed to understand the content well. It goes into enough detail to grasp the concepts and the step-by-step guides put them into practice effectively. I had a great time attempting the exercises on my own with the benefit of being able to go back through them with the guided solutions to confirm that I used good workflows and strategies. Ultimately, I am much more confident in my understanding of these topics and am ready to learn more Data Science. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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